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About AirAide

About AirAide
AirAideThis unique new botanical supplement naturally supports upper and lower respiratory health without the use of any chemical additives or stimulants within its exclusive blend. The all-natural, proprietary formulation has been fully lab-tested for safety, and has been effectively used for years by practitioners and clinicians as a solution for clearer breathing and improved upper respiratory health.

AIRAIDE™ can be added to most any health and maintenance regimen or fitness program in order to safely and effectively increase one's breathing capacity to better optimize oxygen intake and exchange during a wide variety of aerobic activities. It is especially effective when used to counteract the adverse conditions associated with heavy ozone, high altitude/oxygen deficient environments (skiing, snowboarding, flying, hiking, climbing, etc).

Actual effectiveness can be measured with the use of a Peak Flow Meter. Peak Flow measurements taken before and after AIRAIDE™ can provide an effective way to validate your results and improvement.

AIRAIDE™ is the Official product endorsed by the Chicago Storm Professional Indoor Soccer Organization and has helped numerous people optimize their breathing capacity and improve their personal recovery times. Few sports require the non-stop running, endurance and grueling physical activity which soccer demands. AIRAIDE™ has been found to work and provide a definite edge in player performance, especially late in the game.
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