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AirAide Used and Recommended by Elite Professional Athletes
These results are not typical. Airaide has not been tested by Marathoners or other fitness enthusiasts and therefore, makes no claim that this supplement will improve fitness or performance.

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Benson Cheruiyot
AirAide Used and Recommended by Benson Cheruiyot

Benson Cheruiyot was the 2nd place finisher in the 2009 Houston Marathon!

Learn more about Benson at his website:

Watch Benson's second place finish in Houston (2009)
Benson's first Interview after Houston Finish (2009)
Benson's second Interview after Houston Finish (2009)

David Cheruiyot
AirAide Used and Recommended by David Cheruiyot

Winner of 3 Houston Marathons!

Elena Orlova
AirAide Used and Recommended by Elena Orlova

2 time winner of the Detroit Marathon

Burton Hathaway
AirAide Used and Recommended by Burton Hathaway

Burton has been surfing since he was 12 years old.  He used to surf in California where he grew up.  Now, he surfs the Great Lakes.  He uses AirAide when surfing and finds that it helps with his breathing.

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