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Health and Remedy Benefits

AirAide Health and Remedy Benfits

AIRAIDE™ temporarily increases lung capacity to function at normal individual optimum levels, by helping to counteract the effects of many bronchial distress agents such as smog, allergens, and other environmental irritants which can lead to labored breathing, fatigue, or can even contribute to immune system stress.
AirAide Health and Remedy Benefits
The AIRAIDE™ formulation has been used by holistic and homeopathic professionals for years and has shown no adverse or toxic effects at any amount.

Many of the herbs used in AIRAIDE™ which can be found on the GRAS List, which have been known to exhibit certain positive oxygenation qualities as associated with thoracic health. Some of the common "active" extracts which support the AIRAIDE™ blend, are: Peppermint (Menthae Herbe), Ginseng (Ginseng Radix), Ginger (Zingiberis Recens), Licorice (Glycyrrhizae Radix), Orange Citrus (Aurantii Fructus), and Rhubarb (Rhei Rhizoma et Radix).
AirAide Health and Remedy Benefits

The formulation technology associated with this exclusive blend promotes balanced cellular energy through more efficient oxygen absorption which also helps to regulate breathing during a wide variety of physical or health-related activities.
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