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AirAide Sports and Fitness

These results are not typical. Airaide has not been clinically tested on Marathoners or other fitness enthusiasts and therefore, makes no claim that this supplement will improve fitness or performance.

Prove It to Yourself! Training with AIRAIDE™ can compliment Triathletes, Cyclists, and Runners supplemental regimens by helping them more efficiently increase lung capacity faster, and essentially build more stamina for better overall endurance during competition. AIRAIDE™ can also dramatically reduce recovery times both during transition phases or at finish. AIRAIDE's all-natural botanical blend contains no chemical ingredients, steroids, or other harmful additives.
AirAide Sports and Fitness
AIRAIDE™ temporarily increases lung capacity to function at normal individual optimum levels, counteracting the effects of Bronchial distress agents such as; smog, allergies and other environmental irritants. By regulating breathing during intense training an athlete can experience a more balanced workout achieved through decreasing cardio-vascular stress and muscle fatigue which in-turn builds better endurance and enhances overall stamina for a competitive advantage come race day.

AirAide Sports and Fitness To train with AIRAIDE™ simply take 2-6 capsules two hours prior to a work-out session and another 2-4 capsules at cool-down phase for faster recovery time. The amount is recommended and based primarily on body size & weight. These Herbals do not exhibit the same properties as pharmaceutical drugs and therefore either amount would not produce any harmful effects, such as with a drug overdose. In fact, the amount can be personally adjusted per different individual athletes physical characteristics or condition. For example, in areas of high elevations as associated with mountain biking, climbing, hiking or airline travel, an individual may want to increase the amount up to 6 capsules and also increase the frequency in order to experience any significant breathing improvement consistent with his/her normal capacities.

AirAide Sports and Fitness

This formulation has been used for over 15 years by holistic professionals and no adverse side effects have ever been reported. It has thoroughly been lab tested for toxicity, these studies report no toxic effects at any amount. Most of the ingredients can be found on the GRAS List for time-tested proven safety.

AIRAIDE™ is the Official product endorsed by the Chicago Storm Professional Indoor Soccer Organization and has helped numerous premier athletes optimize their breathing capacity and aid in faster recovery. Few sports require the non-stop running, endurance and grueling physical activity which soccer demands. AIRAIDE™ has been found to work and provide a definite edge in player performance... especially late in the game.
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